Who DOESN’T want a pony?

or even better, a starter in the Kentucky Derby?


Every year since I had the gift of language, I’ve asked Santa for a pony. And because Santa never delivered (and no, I don’t hold a grudge), I turned to my crayons to create that pony. And the kitties, dogs, and bunnies that I wanted as well.

Which I suppose means Santa gets the blame for the fact that I grew up to be an artist.

In addition to being this year’s Kentucky Derby Artist (pinch me!), I am a daily painter and blogger, with a studio website (you are here) highlighting a few of my favorite pieces. I specialize in animal paintings and still lifes of vintage toys. I also teach art journaling and travel around the country leading painting workshops for the more serious artist.

I also paint commissions, and there’s information on that process over here. I ask that you please be patient with inquiries and realistic delivery timeframes - I run this three ring circus all by myself, and do my best to manage tasks effectively while still getting time to play with the monkeys.

In between all of the above, I masquerade as Mean Mom to three kids, occasionally sprinkle the ‘hood with fairy dust, and sometimes do laundry.

Feel free to follow any of my links below and learn more about my art or my journey.

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oh, just one other: Santa’s off the hook - I’ve got a pony that I want to gift you


My passion for horses came about at a young age, as did my penchant for drawing them. What a perfect honor it is to dovetail them together. I still can’t believe it.

I am the 2015 Kentucky Derby Artist!

(you can view my Derby artwork here)

“......and I will love it and hug it and call it George.”