Kimberly Kelly Santini, Paintings


Step into Kimberly Kelly Santini’s studio, where animal paintings, pet portraits and whimsical still lifes built of vintage toys lean alongside a jumble of treasures (masking a secret chocolate stash to fuel late night painting sessions). This daily painter shares her artistic journey via imagery and blog entries, with proceeds of artwork sales supporting no-kill animal shelters.

Commissions and special projects always welcomed. Inquiries may come directly to the artist.

If you are looking for “The Rose Garden, Love Wins” benefit for teens in crisis, order information can be found here.


original artwork & pet portraits, creator of Painting a Dog a Day

and the 2015 Kentucky Derby Artist

CALLING ALL PINNERS!! I am delighted that you love my imagery enough to share, but please pin from Painting a Dog a Day, as images there are archived. Pins made from this site are subject to removal/loss when updates occur.