Kimberly Kelly Santini
I was born an artist, but took some time figuring that out. I tried on lots of other hats, but it was my desire to create that ultimately persevered. I have college degrees in art and art history, an extensive professional background in many different art arenas and some odder life experiences (like writing automobile owners manuals). My work is widely and enthusiastically welcomed, sitting in corporate collections and homes around the world, and has been honored with a variety of wonderful awards (hello 2015 Kentucky Derby!!). I am a contemporary painter totally enamored with my materials and the trace of the artists' hand. Line and form and the properties of paint drive my compositions. Drawing and arbitrary color create intriguing passages. Layered marks build a dream-like scape, yet it all is rooted in a representational and impressionistic base. I seek to paint a beauty that is needed in our world. To define our relationship with others (both human and mammal), and build connections between possibility, intentions, and the trace of our actions. I encourage you to take a peek at my community of collectors, fans and students. Sign up to follow my daily blog, ask about my commission process, stay in touch via social media, browse my portfolio, or visit my work in person. And don't be shy – speak up, ask questions, purchase art – I dare you!


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